Gabriela Avram is Lecturer in Digital Media and Interaction Design, and senior researcher at the Interaction Design Centre of the University of Limerick (Ireland). Building on a CSCW background, her research currently focuses on the implications of the collaborative economy on urban communities, with an emphasis on DIY, civic engagement and cultural heritage.

Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi is Director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab and co-leads Social Entrepreneurship at the QUT Design Lab, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is also the founder of CASE (CreAtive Social Entrepreneurship) for Women. Her current research explores three inter-related themes: of self-care and mutual aid; social entrepreneurship and co-creative urban transformation.

Stefano De Paoli is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Security Theme Research Leader at Abertay University in Scotland. Stefano works at the intersection of social sciences and design and has interests in the areas of reputations systems, cybersecurity and digital games. He is currently involved in the H2020 projects PIE News/Commonfare and Wikirate.

Ann Light is Professor of Design and Creative Technology at the University of Sussex, working on design for change and social well-being. Her work explores the politics of participation; how design and culture interact to produce sustainable transitions in everyday life; and tools to support fulfilling, collaborative and less resource intensive practices, with a particular interest in place-shaping.

Peter Lyle is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. His background includes a mix of human-computer interaction and interaction design with a focus on community and urban informatics. His most recent focus is on the design of a platform as part of the H2020 PIE News/Commonfare project to rethink welfare provision, using a participatory design approach.

Maurizio Teli is Assistant Professor at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. His research focuses on the transformations of participatory design in relation to contemporary capitalism. His most recent research project is the H2020 PIE News/Commonfare, rethinking welfare provision as a collaborative practice.