Participants will be asked to bring an artifact for another workshop participant, choosing an item that is intended to enrich the life of the recipient, as an exercise in thinking about care and our common needs.

The plan for the day will involve the following activities:

 Before Lunch

Session 1 Participants will introduce themselves and their position on sharing, caring and the collaborative economy, and engage in discussion about the artifact they brought to give or share as inspiration to develop further research and design questions.

Session 2 Participants will refine research and design questions related to caring in a collaborative economy, connecting these themes to communities and technologies and further highlighting their own position.

After Lunch

Session 3 We will build on the outcomes of the morning and brainstorm responses.

Session 4 Last, participants will pull together the insights of the day to establish the critical questions that need addressing across the domains of care, sharing, and collaborative economy at the intersection of communities and technologies.